DL506: The BCS Title Game Was One Heckuva Show


Nick and I recap the BCS title game, focusing mostly on the coverage by ESPN during (and before) the game.

In short, we both seem to love the work of Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit and, I’ll admit, I have a media crush on Chris Fowler. He’s the best studio host in the business, covering any sport on any network.

Speaking of that, we talk about why the college pregame show can be handled professionally and with a modicum of class and seriousness (yet still be fun) while almost all the professional pregame shows are yukfests. Why are the guys who cover amateurs more professional than those covering the actual professionals, who come off looking like amateurs by comparison?


We touch briefly on the Carmelo Anthony rumors and how ESPN reported that the Nuggets are upset that media reports keep leaking out about the deal, something we find funny coming from a media source that has gotten beat on the exact reports the Nuggets don’t want out. So meta.

We talk about Pitt sneaking in a new coach during the BCS title game so nobody pays attention and Les Miles rumors picking up at the exact same time so EVERYBODY pays attention.

We also talk about the Philadelphia Union’s new shirt sponsor: Bimbo. It’s too good to be true.