Forget impartiality. Today’s show is hot fire directed at the old, out of touch, terrible officials employed by the Big East and the cowardly way the conference handled the screwjob given to Rutgers at the end of their Big East Tournament game against St. John’s yesterday afternoon.

Would Rutgers have won the game? Maybe not, but 1.6 seconds is an eternity in basketball and the refs just quit doing their jobs and got protected by the conference office. This could be a REALLY LONG rant, but just listen. Oh, and if you don’t think the Big East is cowardly for their decision to not do anything, consider them cowardly for how they scrubbed down the AP story on their own website.

Here’s the AP story in full at ESPN. Here’s the version the Big East put up. Yeah…that tells you everything.

An absolute joke.

We must credit the job ESPN did in handling this story. Someone got it right, and the network pulled no punching is rightly lambasting its partner in putting on this tournament. Why? Because IT WAS INEXCUSABLE.

(Takes deep breath)

We also talk about the news that the NFL Players Union publicly announced they will not approve an 18 game schedule, if breaking the media blackout agreement could hurt talks today and what that means for the rest of the negotiations. Also, will more people be focused on football owners in suits tomorrow or athletes in basketball shorts?