Quick recap today. • Nick talks about hearing Mike Missanelli of Philly sports talk radio’s 97.5 The Fanatic rip a Bleacher Report article, written by a 14 year-old kid. Here’s that article, and here’s a rebuttal by another B/R scribe chiding Mikey Miss. The issue, of course, is less about the quality of Bleacher Report [...]

You smell that? No, seriously, do you smell that? It’s the smell of spring. It’s the smell of rain and flowers and birds crapping on your car (well, my car). But most importantly, it’s the smell of pretzels and peanuts and Cracker Jacks. It’s the smell of baseball. Kevin Kaduk of Yahoo’s Big League Stew [...]

DL544: Is Murray Chass the Westboro Baptist Church of Sports Bloggers?

Murray Chass wrote something last week that got a lot of baseball writers and other bloggers in a tizzy. We paid attention to it, as a whole, because those baseball writers and other bloggers wrote and blogged about it. Look at this guy! Why do we still pay attention to him?! Wait…why do we still [...]

DL543: Final Four, Sharing Glass Slippers, Best & Worst In Media, More

Action packed show as Nick and Jon Tannenwald talk (with me) about the most improbable Final Four ever. Here’s a little bit of what we discuss, in bullet form: • Can a Final Four have two Cinderellas, or did VCU’s win move Butler — who will be wearing white jerseys and got to the title [...]

DL542: Will Brinson on NFL’s PR Madness. Plus: Actual Madness (March Style)

Will Brinson and I talk about the ridiculous PR battle between the NFLPA and the NFL. Is either side winning? How has social media and the instant-reaction media world we live in changed the way this lockout is being covered, and how the participants are acting…and reacting. Look, you can’t begrudge the players for talking, [...]

DL541: Comparing Barry Bonds to A Million Fish Kill! Plus, The Death of TV Cliffhangers

We talk about how we feel that nobody is talking about the trial of Barry Bonds. Okay, it’s not NOBODY. Obviously, SOME people are covering it and it’s on Twitter a lot, but it doesn’t have the same feel as the Clemens legal situation or the Congressional hearings or, shoot, even Floyd Landis. Why isn’t [...]

DL540: A Look At NCAA Regional Announcer Assignments

Marv got the worst Region? Reggie Miller is paired with Gus and Len? Nantz isn’t with Duke? We go over an interesting set of decisions for who is calling what this weekend in the NCAA Tournament. We also talk more about the TV set up and how all the games on four channels has changed [...]

DL539: Weekend Madness, ONIONS, DC Games & Why Chuck Has Been Turrible

Consider today and tomorrow our two-part look at week one of the NCAA Tournament, the great games, great calls and, yes, some of the stuff we think is not so great. Tomorrow we’ll cover the assignments for the Regional sites, but today we spend more time looking at the games we watched this weekend. Nick [...]

Zoe (and Max) Picking Brackets

We do this every year and every year it seems Zoe’s bracket gets better. Well, Morehead State might prove her wrong…or prove ALL OF YOU WRONG. Here’s Zoe (and Max) picking brackets. Happy basketball, everyone. (Note, for those who downloaded the podcast, I hope the video came with it. If not, go over to PressCoverage.us [...]

DL538: Bias, Chalks and Why I Already Hate My Bracket

Nick and I run through the bracket and I basically have chalk. And I hate myself for it. Nick has a few more upsets than me. Listen along and don’t forget to join in on the bracket challenge at With Leather. (or follow this line of direction from Zerkle: If you’re hard-up for a bracket [...]