Trash Talk Championship Of the World – We have a Winner!


Good effort by Sebek as well, with both participants (and good sports, really) getting far more votes than I had anticipated. Thanks to everyone who voted. There will be more on the Trash Talk Championship in the weeks to come.

(Original Post follows)

Look, if you’ve ever listened to the show or read some of my internet ramblings you know I like to talk some trash. And in no way can I back any of it up. Nevertheless, I was graciously invited to take part in the Trash Talk Championship of the World, taking place this February, in Vegas. The vital details:

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is challenging poker players to put their money where their mouth is during Superbowl weekend in Las Vegas by hosting the first annual Trash Talk Championship of the World. On Saturday, February 6th, Sin City’s premier party property will host a $1,000 +$70 no-limit hold’em tournament benefiting the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the supported charity of modern artist Michael Godard, who has dedicated himself to philanthropic causes through his art.

Half of the prize pool will go to charity. The other half will be distributed to winners. The Trash Talk Champion of the World will win cash, a 20 pound custom designed crystal trophy, and a World Poker Tour Celebrity Invitational seat in Los Angeles sponsored by Commerce Casino and

The list of celebs and poker pros includes Mekhi Pfifer, Nancy Cartwright of the Simpsons, Antonio Esfandiari, Paul Wasicka, Lee Markholt, Randy Couture and a whole host of other high rollers I have no business playing poker against. Oh, and there’s a red carpet and a $100-200 high-stakes Trash Talk cash game, with hole cams and everything. It’s all being filmed by Bluff Media and sponsored by

There’s then a swanky Team Victory after party to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday. Oh, and I get all expenses paid.

Why I’m posting this (other than to brag incessantly that I got invited) is to figure out who is GOING TO COME WITH ME. Yes, I get two tickets for everything.

We’ve narrowed the list of potential bloggers to two worthy traveling partners: Matt Sebek of and Josh Zerkle from With Leather and KSK. You get to decide. Who should come with me? (Listen to Wednesday’s show to hear their impassioned pleas).

Vote now. The winner of this poll gets to go to Vegas.

[polldaddy poll="2557534"]

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11 Responses to “Trash Talk Championship Of the World – We have a Winner!”

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  4. InSinSeer says:

    Alright, since Sebak doesn’t get to go you should give him the freelance assignment of creating worthless player cards for the event.

    Unconfirmed player note – Found at the Team Victory after-party talking to the trash.

    Player – Dan Levy

  5. jeremyjehovah says:

    With Leather/KSK = snarky, pessimistic, douchebloggers

    My vote goes to Zerkle.

  6. says:

    i really like how the first commenter really went for it and named himself “With Douche”. groundbreaking trash talk. WITH LEATHER 4 LIFE

  7. With Douche says:

    With Leather/KSK = snarky, pessimistic, douchebloggers

    My vote goes to Sebek.

  8. Ethan Jaynes says:

    I am going to start a “Team Sebek” facebook page just for this competition!

    On second thought, I am sure there are most likely 3-4 already. The interwebs move pretty fast.

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