DL550: Wyshynski on Rasslin’, Media, Blogs, NHL Playoffs, Twins, Canada & Fun


I told my wife last year, or maybe two years ago, that if it ever got to the point where Nick had obligations that precluded him from doing the show on a daily basis, the first person I’d ask to co-host with me would be . Something about two jerks from Jersey talking about sports, media, blogs and life always felt like the kind of show people would love.

Everytime he’s been on the show, that’s how I’ve felt about it…THIS is the show. This is the show we wanted to make, talking with big names in our industry — there is no debate that Wyshynski has made himself (and Puck Daddy) one of the leading hockey voices in the country — about sports, life, media and whatever else we want.

Now, let’s not forget that Wyshynski has his own daily radio show talking about a lot of this same stuff (though decidedly more hockey than I’d feel comfortable with) and hasn’t once had me on the program. Just sayin’ Greg. Just sayin…

Today’s show is about Wrestlemania and the upcoming NHL playoffs and Mark Cuban’s fight with online media and how different our industry is now from when we talked a few days after the first Blogs with Balls and the Sedin Twins and and NHL media boycotting awards and Jim Nantz’s inappropriate use of the term ‘dogfight’ in the national title game which brought out a conversation about Michael Vick and the difference between “a holocaust” and “The Holocaust.”

This is the show. You might not care about rasslin’ or hockey or the past, present and future of sports blogs, but if you listen, I’m not even sure it really matters. This is the show. Let’s hope the last five are as much fun as this one.

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