Quick recap today.

• Nick talks about hearing Mike Missanelli of Philly sports talk radio’s 97.5 The Fanatic rip a Bleacher Report article, written by a 14 year-old kid. Here’s that article, and here’s a rebuttal by another B/R scribe chiding Mikey Miss.

The issue, of course, is less about the quality of Bleacher Report and more about the fact that Philly.com has no ability to control what gets put on their site through the B/R pipeline. And, for what it’s worth, I’ve read worse articles by people who actually get paid to write at Philly.com, so I’m not sure why this became an issue at all. That said, if sports talk radio hosts are ripping your brand — the genre is the lowest common denominator of sports discourse — it’s time to take our advice and change your name (or at least create a “pro” level that gets linked to the big sites.)

Yes, when the show ends, Nick and I are going to start a site giving out free advice to sports organizations. We’re calling it P/R for Public/Relations (Report) and anyone is welcome to join. ESPECIALLY 14 year olds.

• Next, we lazily pick who we think will win each division and the Wild Card as today is officially Opening Day! We also touch on Ken Rosenthal’s extremely self-aware article about wearing a bow tie this season. Good for him.

• After a break, so we don’t spoil anything, Nick and I talk a little TV, focused mostly on the season finale of Top Chef All-Stars. We manage to throw in some sports, comparing the finalists (Richard Blais and Mike Isabella) to NFL teams, and specifically, NFL quarterbacks. I don’t want to give anything away if you haven’t watched yet, but if you’ve watched this season and you think hard, you’ll figure out which chef is like which NFL signal caller.

Thanks for listening.

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