DL547: Are We Too Savvy For April Fools? Plus, Bad Fans & Bad PR On Opening Day


We were going to announce that we are joining Bleacher Report today. We were even going to get the guys from Bleacher Report involved. But man you really have to go to great lengths to trick people now. Is it even possible — outside of re-designing your whole site or spending weeks and weeks planning something — to trick the internet on April Fools Day?

I used to love today. I fear we’ve gotten to smart for gags. THE INTERNET HAS GOTTEN TOO SMART FOR SOMETHING. We’ve all lost.

Nick and I talk about some of our favorite pranks and discuss some ways our favorite team can gag its fans: “Batting third…second baseman….CHASE UTLEY!!!! No, sorry, it’s Wilson Valdez. April Fools!”

Gold? Would people try to kill Dan Baker, the Phillies PA announcer? Gold? GOLD?!@?@?

Eh, maybe they could just announce Joe Blanton as today’s starter.

We mention something that will BLOW YOUR MIND. I saw a PEPSI truck today and for the first time in my 33 years of life I realized it’s called PEPSI because it has caffeine in it and caffeine gives you PEP. HOLEECRAP. Is this something everyone knows or did I just blow the soft drink business wide open? I’m hoping it’s the latter.

We talk about yesterday’s opening games and discuss the PR decision for the Nats to let the likes of Dan Steinberg report that tickets were being sold on StubHub for $.50. How is that possible? No fan is selling a ticket for that little, so it’s gotta be coming from the team (or an automated system). Why isn’t there someone in the front office gobbling those tickets up, so they don’t sell anything for under face value on StubHub? The bad PR is way more expensive than a few extra tickets.

And speaking of bad PR, how can the Yankees have a nationally-televised Opening Day game with empties BEHIND THE BACKSTOP. I explain my plan for TV seat fillers. It works for the Oscars, it can work for the Yankees.

None of that, however, is worse than Cardinals fans (albeit just a few of them) leaving an extra-innings tie game. On Opening Day? In good weather? Awful. Inexcusable. It’s not an indictment on the fanbase. But those “fans” should be banned (yes, a sports talk radio gambit, I know.)

There’s more, but I have to get ready for Snowpening Day. Enjoy the weekend and don’t forget about basketball like we almost did!

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