There is a lot going on in sports today, namely a press conferences — SORRY, NOT A PRESS CONFERENCE — in two hours, so we give you bullets today.

My new love of online curling.
• Tiger talk, specifically if the GWAA was just in boycotting. A?
• What station will you watch? Will you got to a sports station or a news station for the coverage?


• . Too bad NBC doesn’t seem to care.
• Are snowboarders just programmed differently? Does winning matter as much to them, or is it a lot of hanging out on the mountain? The NBC announcer seems to think that training isn’t what most snowboarders do. Okay then.
• More Olympic stuff.

Tech talk

Is it okay for a school to spy on your kids through a school-issued computer? I think it is, with limitations. If the kid visits a website or keys in something that triggers the web cam to come on, that’s fine to me. I plan to spy on my kids computer habits as well. But random searches of kids’ rooms is not right. Listen and let us know what you think.

• Flash Mobs are getting people to sue Facebook. That’s hilarious.

Thanks for listening all week and putting up with our transition to the new site.

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3 Responses to “DL332: Tiger Boycott, Olympic Hockey and Snowboarding, Schools Spying on Kids, Flash Mob Lawsuits”

  1. Nick’s Max Headroom impression was even better than Dan’s Snowboard/Surfer impression.

    Hockey tournament is going to continue to be very good TV – if you can find it.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out in the show today. After listening to the show I have decided I will try out this online curling you seem to be fascinated with. If you start a league I might be interested.

  3. Ayaz Hyder says:

    Probably will watch on NBC/MSNBC and jump to ESPN for the after stuff.