Now what we’ve gotten that apology out of the way, from’s Soft Pretzel Logic college hoops blog fills in for Nick who is stuck in Florida because his plane broke.

Jon and I run down the weekend’s games – a full compliment of storylines so deep that we didn’t even get to the Maryland-MSU game that may have been the best (and worst for some in my family) of the weekend.

We do talk a great deal about Cornell and try to figure out exactly why we didn’t pick them over Temple. We also look forward to the announcing crews for the Regionals. For more on that, and a look back at this weekend’s job – and how Gus Johnson  had the most boring games of anyone – .


Tiger Woods did two interviews yesterday. We said we’d talk for five minutes about this and it goes about 14 and change. And I know I said at the start of the segment that I have Tiger fatigue and then spend those 14 and change talking about the topic, but it’s not so much about Tiger as it is about the media covering Tiger. Why would CBS not do the interview, even if it was only limited to five minutes? And why are media people applauding that decision. From an outsider (me) and an insider (Tannenwald) in the media world, we have a pretty frank debate about whether or not putting a shot clock on the interview is fair to a reporter, and if that would be a deal breaker for some.

For a question-by-question breakdown of Tom Rinaldi’s and Kelly Tilghman’s interviews, head over to . It’s pretty interesting to read them together.


Tannenwald also runs the soccer blog over at, so we discuss the resolution to the MLS labor situation. Good that it’s over, and with Jon going to Seattle for the first game — involving our own Philadelphia Union — it’s good that a deal has been agreed upon.

We also briefly touch on the hospitalization of Vin Scully. It’s great that he’s already back to work. Nick should be back tomorrow. Thanks to Jon for filling in and thanks to you for listening. Again, I’M SORRY FOR THINKING THE BIG EAST WAS ANY GOOD.

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2 Responses to “DL351: Jon Tannenwald And I Apologize for Our Big East and Temple Bias”

  1. One of the few things I truly miss about LA is Scully doing games. Don’t love the Dodgers but he is a maestro when it comes to baseball announcing.

    Also am Tiger-ed out at this point with the Tiger in the Media stuff and reaction from the media. Didn’t even watch the interviews. What was I supposed to learn that I don’t already know.

    Not a big golf fan though so maybe that’s it.

    Very glad I didn’t have Kansas as the NCAA Champ.

    Love watching the Tourney online. A lot of sports could learn something with the way CBS/NCAA are executing.

  2. Steve in Chicago says:

    Have not listened to the show yet, so not sure if you talked about it. Tiger should be applauded for demanding that the interviews did not air until after NBC’s PGA golf coverage concluded.