DL406: News. Plus, A Show for Nick: Hookers and Gambling


I clarify some of my comments from earlier in the week about my future and The Sporting Blog. .

We also talk about Franck Ribery’s hooker problems and how, maybe even including Tiger Woods, nothing this crazy happens in American sports. This story is super crazy, including the hooker sending a letter to the French National Team coach to implore him to not let the fact that she turned in two of his players for sleeping with her while she was underage cloud his decision on who to bring to the World Cup.


Plus, we lay out the groundwork for our yearlong fantasy league.

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2 Responses to “DL406: News. Plus, A Show for Nick: Hookers and Gambling”

  1. Damon says:

    Slightly late to the party, but really upset about the changes with The Sporting Blog. Love the work you did there, and still love the work you do here.

    Lost a job in the media myself a few weeks back, so I can relate.

    Best of luck, Dan. I’m confident you’ll land on your feet.

  2. Bearcat says:

    Really sad to hear that The Sporting Blog has cut you out. Best of luck in finding new work and the book idea does sound promising.

    Keep up the good work.